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An example of a universal maxim that we as citizens in a democratic republic ought to see realized in our own country.

It should be a universally acclaimed notion that each and every person deserves to be assisted by the people around regardless of language differences, religion, skin color, education, income, and place of origin. This should be applied as a universal law where everybody will have a molar obligation to assist another person in problems like injuries, being stranded, illness, hunger, thirst, homelessness and being lost amongst others. The maxim should apply to all the circumstances where one human being posses the ability to help another person with a need or a problem.

According to Kant, we have a freedom of choice. Reason is probed by our will and will is probed by our inclinations. We have a choice by controlling our will and that is done by reason. Letting the desires to take control makes a person lose their will until they take independence from the inclination. Hence as human beings, we have a freedom of choice on whether to help a needy person if we have the ability and the opportunity to do so. But still there is the desire to let the needy person remain helpless because they do not come from our community, religion, social class, skin color, place of origin and language amongst other attributes (Example esay.com, 2002-2011).

Human reason plays a major role in assistance as a maxim in a democratic country. This is because to decide whether or not to assist a needy person is a decision which needs portray a person’s level of mercy and humanly inclination. If a person lets others to suffer while it’s possible to offer them help, then that person is considered to have very low inner consciousness.

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...eparing. And because I am a human being I cannot drive the school bus and attend school at the same time. Hence I need a fellow human being in the form of the driver to assist me. Then on getting to school, I cannot be a student and a teacher. Hence I need the teacher to come to my aid and assist me in class work. So in my schooling life I need assistance from other people.

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