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Joint Replacement Unit Implementation The ability of a unit to survive is largely dependent upon the hospitals internal financial budgetary performance and the external needs within the community. Developing a financial budget is a process that should use teamwork to plan and implement in order to be effective. The budget sets perimeters for administrators to follow throughout the year, allowing the director to report variances while providing guidance to maintain a minimum variance and adjust when possible (Finkler & McHugh, 2008). By using all department managers in the planning process of the new budget, the nurse executive is able to develop effective strategies for all departments while investing in the goals. This eliminates many problems associated with budget and identifies areas that need improvement or expansion. Because of the competition, declining margins, and other economic pressures, nurse executives need to take steps to control costs and increase revenues for this unit. The overall goal of the financial performance within the organization is to meet the total budgetary needs of the unit to produce favorable outcomes. My focus will be to propose the expansion of a new Joint Replacement Unit (JRU) within the hospital, while identifying the major operating components of the budget for this organization. The importance of reviewing the budget for a newly developed unit is to allow the nurse executive and administrative team to manage the existing organizational programs within in the facility, plan for goal accomplishments for the new unit, while controlling costs. Budget Proposal for New Program Overview of the organizations financial performance and its ability to invest in establishing a new unit will enable the ... ... middle of paper ... ...Havelin, L., Furnes, O., Overgaad, S., & Engesaeter, L. (2012). Increasing risk of prosthetic joint infection after total hip arthroplasty. Acta Orthopaedica, 83(5), 449-458. Dunham-Taylor, J., & Pinczuk, J. (2010). Workload management. Financial management for Nurse managers: Merging the heart with the dollar (2nd Ed.). Boston: Jones and Bartlett. Finkler, S. A. & McHugh, M. (2008). Budgeting concepts for nurse managers. (4th Ed.). Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders. Roussel, L. (2013). Budgeting Principles for Nurse Managers. Management and Leadership for Nurse Administrators, (6th Ed., p. 340). Burlington: MA: Jones & Bartlett. Räsänen, P., Paavolainen, P., Sintonen, H., Koivisto, A., Blom, M., Ryynänen, O., & Roine, R. P. (2007). Effectiveness of hip or knee replacement surgery in terms of quality-adjusted life years and costs. Acta Orthopaedica, 78(1), 108-115.