Unforgotten Words

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Unforgotten Words

Franchessca woke to the sound of a distant Will Young playing on the

television downstairs. It was Saturday again, which meant she'd stay

in bed for as long as possible, or until her boyfriend called her. She

sat up in bed to be blinded by the light from the window.

"Good morning sunshine" Franchessca said before stretching and

yawning. The house was the same unusual quiet that it was on a

Saturday morning, her mum still in bed and her brother crashed out on

the couch probably stuffing his face with the first, most unhealthy

thing he could find in the kitchen.

She decided to go downstairs for some breakfast.

"Joel get up you lazy get! Jo is right, all you ever do is eat and

sleep!" she stormed past him into the kitchen to put the kettle on for

her mum. It was turning Eleven o'clock so she decided to stay

downstairs and wait for Jo to call. Jo was her boyfriend who she'd met

during the summer, working at the youth centre. It was her mum who got

them together really, for a change she approved in Franchesscas choice

of boy. Jo was a small, slim boy with a strange hairstyle; it was

always messy but looked attractive. He'd met Franchessca before then

and had fell for her the first time they met.

It had started off with a new school project that Franchessca had gone

to for sometime, then, in late July, his school had sent along Jo too.

They both remembered the first time they spoke to each other. It was

amazing for Jo who lingered on to her every word, and still did to the

very day.

"Hi Suzy, is Franki there?"

"Yeah hang on Jo I'll get her for you" It was the same every time Jo

called. He had always found it hard to speak to Franki's mum for a

long time on the phone, it made him stutter a lot.

"Hello?.… Oh hiya Jo how are you baby… My dad's coming down today so I
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