Goldfish Alternate Ending

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“Everybody ready?” Mrs. Greenly asked. “Skylar!” Jackie yelled that was when the loud pop music began blaring. The lyrics were barely decipherable, over the drums. Hey! Hey! Hey! Emmy paused for a few seconds to try to listen to the lyrics and write them down simultaneously. Hey Hey! Hey! The song ended. “Silke!” Mrs. Greenly announced “this is going to be hard to change” Silke muttered “this is going to be a treasure” Kristina stated from the other side of the room “your welcome to the goldfish Silke.” Lindy yelled, Emmy who was busy writing this entire conversation, remembered that these goldfish had been previously been on her desk, and she had been eating them. “By the way all of my music is not like this, I just chose to play …show more content…

I don’t know what they were talking about. Probably the goldfish. “Come ‘er Lindy come ‘er” Skylar Lindy giggled again “this ones going to be a little- well maybe more than a little” “It has one curse word in it” “Schools over” The song began “Strip club” someone yelled “Right at home Gabe!” turtle laughed Then random giggles erupted “I just ended up murdering an entire circus- how do I transition?” Silke asked. “This ones going to kill my story. It was so happy and magical.” Elizabeth fluttered to the front of the room. “It’s by devil take”. Lindy. I don’t know what she was talking about. “I hope your all good at story transitions. It’s two minutes so write quick.” Elizabeth shrugged. the song was dark and angry. The song ended Someone swore “Can you give me like two minutes to write this?” “You don’t want to read it no.” someone’s story wasn’t turning out well “I want to play another song,” Joe protested “Around four forty four.” “Your coming with me in about four minutes” Skylar was getting ready to leave “I feel like this is going to be a calm song” Silke stated “Please don’t do this” someone …show more content…

What is this? What possessed me to write this Joshua left. A few people said goodbye. I looked up and Joe stared at me. he blinked. I stared at his purple shoes for a few seconds and the song ended Lindy muttered something indecipherable Turtle stood up and slowly walked to the table Skylar left “please don’t be slow!” Silke begged “I actually don’t know how this goes”” Turtle admitted The song was slow “But she’s about to die! This doesn’t work!” Silke protested but that was the game. The list that determined the characters lives, or, what most people would call a song list, was the judge of the lives of our stories. But I couldn’t think of anything. So I recorded everything I could type fast enough, or that I could understand. Joe left. She gave a quick hug. And then went to liberate Lindy of his choker, that she had lent her. I looked up at the Bagette king drawing and almost laughed. Someone had tagged it “Hot Problems” the name of one of the songs. The song ended “ah I finished it!” Kristina yelled triumphantly. “silke no!” “it’s already time to go.” Jackie protested. Elizabeth began to share. Then after her story, she

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  • Narrates how the loud pop music began blaring. the lyrics were barely decipherable, over the drums.
  • Analyzes how emmy paused for a few seconds to try to listen to the lyrics and write them down simultaneously.
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