Understanding Islamic Religion and Culture

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What is your view on the Islamic religion and culture? Did you know they are the fastest growing religion in the world today, with eighty-percent now developing outside the Arab world(Belt, Don) Today’s generation does not show much interest or knowledge of their own religion; let alone the Islamic people. Most people only expose themselves to information that matches their own opinions and beliefs. Instead of learning and exploring new things about the world they stick to what they know because it is easier and comfortable for them. The Islamic people live in different culture, have different beliefs, and live in a part of the globe that has turmoil in the world surrounding the Middle East and the Islamic faith; however it is imperative that we understand and respect their traditions. The paper examines exactly what Islam is, the relation between the Islam faith and Christian faith, and uncovering some aspects to their religion. Also, I will be hitting on the topic of the turmoil the Islam face in their surroundings of the Middle East and their Islamic faith.
First, it would be wise to understand what Islam is. The term, Islam, actually means “Submission to God.” Their principles of their religion might seem abnormal to a person not of the culture. From my understanding, the average Christians faith is not so much different than the Islam’s Faith. Islam people seem to have an intimate relationship to the same God worshipped by Christians and Jews. “Peace is the essence of Islam,” quoted by the brother of the late King Hussein, Prince EL Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan. Prince Hassan who led the world conference on religion and peace had spent the majority of his time building the connection between the Muslim world and the West...

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... allows these criminal acts, and it's a small portion of participates that partake in terrorist activities. I have meant many Muslims in my life. I spent the last five years traveling the world. I have spent three deployments in the Middle East and Muslims can be some of the friendliest, most welcoming people on the planet. True Christians should not be frightened to form a relationship with a Muslim.
Muslims are part of this world just as we are. They can struggle with their faith just as we do. As Christians of this generation we should love them as our own. We should share the Gospel with each other, because we are all people of God. United States security and the vitality of our democracy all depend on how much American knows about Islam and if they understand their religious tradition that is becoming an overwhelming part of our religion and civic future.
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