Uncle Tom's Cabin By Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Uncle Tom’s cabin was written by Harriet Beecher Stowe in 1852. It is an anti-slavery book that shows the reader the many sufferings endured by slaves in the period before the civil war. To the people of the modern day generation, these acts of slavery are unbelievable but the reader has to realize the fact that in those years, people suffered, to the point where they were just treated as property, where owners can do whatever they like and be disposed of or traded as if they were just material possessions and not even human. The book talks about the relationship between slaves and their masters as well as the role of women. As slavery was practiced during such times, Stowe tries to expose the difficult life people had in the past and how their faith in God helped them to endure all there hardships.
Uncle Tom’s Cabin begins with a Kentucky farmer, Shelby trying to sell his slaves to pay for the heavy debts he had run up. Shelby and his family are not alike other typical slave owners, because they are more kindhearted and caring for all of their slaves. With this in mind, it had made it difficult for him to be able sell one of his longtime slaves, Uncle Tom. But Haley, the slave trader, also wanted one of Shelby’s child slaves, Harry. When he told his wife about the agreement he made with Haley, she was shocked because she had promised Eliza that they wouldn’t sell Harry. After overhearing the conversation, Eliza had done what she had to protect Harry, she warns Tom and his wife, and Chloe of the news, then takes Harry and runs to the North, excited to find freedom with her husband George in Canada. When Mrs. Shelby was told of her fleeing, she was glad that Eliza made the right decision. On the other hand, Haley attempts to purs...

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...rd. Thus putting Legree in Anger, he orders his overseers to beat him. When Tom is close to death, he forgives them. A bit too late, Shelby had finally arrived at Legree’s plantation after years of searching for his slave Tom. Shelby arrives with money to buy Tom’s freedom, but is too late. He can only watch as Tom dies as a scapegoat. As George was leaving the plantation, the two women tried to make a break for freedom, only to hitch a ride with him after they had explained their story. On a boat to freedom, Shelby and the girls meet Harris’s sister and had travel with her, where Cassy realizes that Eliza is her daughter. They decide to travel to France when Harris’s sister had claimed to be rich, from there they decided to move to Africa where many former African slaves return too. George had returned back to his farm, releasing all of the slaves in honor of Tom.
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