Types of Racism

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Racism is the act of passing judgment on a person on the basis of their skin color, social or cultural background. Prejudice refers to forming of opinions or judgments about people or a situation without basing on facts as evidence. Stereotypes are defined as certain notions or beliefs that are carried about a specific person or people or a way of doing things without substantial proof to back these claims. Institutional racism refers to a kind of discrimination that is based on race. This kind of discrimination happens in institutions.

An example of institutional racism is when a person of a particular race is given priority position wise over others because he is of the same race as those who are doing the selection. Racism, though quite minimal in the present day, still exists. In the present day, there are different forms of racism which exist. For example, the whites may still feel superior to people of a darker complexion in some parts of the world and may seem to discriminate them in a way. However, those who were discriminated against in the past have come top also from their own click and in a bid to protect themselves from the white man, have become racists themselves. For instance, black people in America hold award ceremonies that are meant to celebrate and praise only people who are dark skinned. In a way, this is prejudice against the white people who may also be interested in the said awards, but are not granted the opportunity simply because of the color of their skin.

Racism will take a long time to cease existing in the world that is if at all this is ever achieved. The two groups that conflict most are the white and the black of African descent. The blacks are still bitter about the mistreatment that their ...

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...s the centuries have gone by that demand these changes. For instance, black people are no longer viewed as the backward and uneducated ones because some of them have gone on to secure high offices or positions in the country. Another reason is that it has become increasingly difficult to classify people according to their skin color or race. This has been brought about by the rampant increase in interracial marriages and the existence of several people who belong to more than one race and are thus difficult to classify.


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