Types and Definition of Compliance Gaining

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Definition of compliance gaining:

Compliance gaining is a term used in the social sciences, specifically in sociology and communication studies, to identify the act of intentionally trying to alter behavior. The term refers to how people try to get other people to do things, or comply. In short, the term compliance gaining strategies are used to define the tactics we use to persuade others to think or act in a desired way.


Reward and Punishment: So, in case you do not like to lets say suck up to people, then Face Maintenance is not for you. Or if you tried it but it didn’t work, then another choice could be Reward and Punishment. For example, this movie clip from “Gone in 60 Seconds” shows how a car smuggler convinced a big brother to steal 50 cars for him and one week!

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The type of strategy the car smuggler used was punishment, he literally said steal these cars for me and I won’t kill your brother. If the big brother didn’t take the request of stealing those 50 cars then he would be punished with the loss of his little brother. You see he had to do it.

It’s the strategy of punishing people to make them do what you want them to do can work with anyone. As long as you have something to point against them so they’ll have to do it. Although you’ll get what you want, punishment is not always a good idea. People don’t like to be punished.

People like to be rewarded. Wouldn’t you rather be rewarded for doing something, than be punished for not doing anything? Just like Elliot, in the movie “Bedazzled,” where the devil, tries to convince Elliot to sign an away his soul for 7 wishes.

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The devil strategies were to make him believe that h...

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...appeal works in a more intimate relationship. But Face maintenance works by appealing to the ego. And Reward and Punishment we conform since there’s a clear advantage for doing so. However Reciprocity obligates you to return the favors.

Indirect Appeal you assume or infer the real intentions, and regarding assume remember what our teacher advised us. Finally, the appeal that gets the most of what you want. Direct Appeal is the straightest way to ask and communicate in an interpersonal relationship.

Grasp the secret on how to get what you want! Compliance – Gaining Strategies are tactics intended to influence others to do what the user of these strategies wants them to do.


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