Rewards and Punishment

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The relationship between an employer and employee is defined by many boundaries. During the interview process, the prospective employee is asked questions related to the job in question as well as how they might perform in specific situations. It is during this crucial time; a relationship is established on what is to be expected from both parties. A leader will describe their responsibilities and what they will ensure will happen for the employee and in return, they will also annotate what is expected of the employee. These standards of conduct are often listed in a company handbook and available however more often than not, these standards are communicated orally. All employees should be held accountable to these standards with an effective leader. If an employee is not within the standards, good or bad, something should be done about it. This is referred to as reward and punishment. If an employee does something well beyond what is expected of them, they will receive a reward. The opposite is also true should they do something that is against company policy. There are many competi...
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