Types Of Poverty In India

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Poverty happens all around the world. It is when humans lack basic necessities like food, clean drinking water, shelter and healthcare. Both developing and developed countries have poverty but the level of it is quite different. Citizens from developed countries like Canada and the United States more commonly face relative poverty. In this type of poverty people have their essential needs but are still impoverished because they cannot keep up with the standards of living as determined by the society they live in. The second type of poverty is absolute poverty. Absolute poverty is more common in developing countries like India, Somalia, and Syria etc. People experiencing this type of poverty are struggling to survive because they experience a day to day struggle to find food, clean water, proper shelter and other basic requirements. Specifically today an estimated amount of 400 million people in India are…show more content…
Their population is growing really fast; 2.5 births per woman. Since India is overpopulated and has a limited amount of resources, it can only support a limited amount of people. The more the population the lesser the wage people will obtain because everyone is looking for a job and employers will hire employees that are the most desperate and will work for less than minimum wage. Joint family systems are another cause to poverty for both rural and urban households. An average family consists of parents and children but joint families consist of not only parents and children but also extended family like cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Living in this type of household can be extremely difficult because it is harder for working members to feed everyone in the family. Children are too small to work, women have no education, grandparents are too old and the men in the family may have a hard time getting jobs because of the low amount of work opportunities in
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