Origin and Cause of Poverty

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Being able to speak about poverty we first need to understand its origin and cause. Each cause of poverty varies however they all effect people and society the same way. Studies say that there are few reasons such as population growth, corruption, etc. however the real reason still remains in the open. It has become a horrific issue all across the world. Because there are different causes of poverty each needs a specific solution. History in most countries began with the inequality based on financial wealth, very similar to today's world. Countries that experienced colonization and slavery had trouble getting of the discrimination. Poverty is defined as the lack of the minimum food and shelter necessary for maintaining life. It has become the biggest global issue because it involves a big percentage of the population. Today it is estimated that more than 35 million Americans which is approximately 14 percent of the population live in poverty. The numbers are high and only continue to get higher. Statistics have shown that poverty is increasing. Millions of people die annually because they lack the resources and food to live a daily life. There exist many programs that offer projects to help or at least to reduce the percentage of poverty, but they lack the financial support. Many people from the middle class are on the borderline of poverty and if the economy does not improve, they will reach poverty. This is very upsetting especially if most of us are middle class. Poverty can happen to anyone, it all depends on society and the economy. According to the definition of relative poverty, poor people are the ones who do not have what is needed the most. Without a foundation to live a decent life is has become difficult to... ... middle of paper ... ...Taxing the rich more and the poor less, taxing methods need to be tailored to an individual’s financial bracket to ensure that upward social mobility becomes an absolute possibility. Building self-sufficient economies, projects to launch new industries and businesses will also need encouragement from the people. Education, it provides training to tomorrow’s workforce and helps the economy against the increase of poverty. Involvement of the media, the media has a lot of power when it comes down to grabbing society attention. With the media, people will become conscious of one of the major issues, poverty. Micro financing, offers financial services to individuals in developing nations who wish to run their own businesses. All these ideas should be implemented. It may seem unrealistic to try all 10 of them but giving some solutions a try would help the cycle of poverty

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  • Explains that poverty affects people and society in the same way. each cause of poverty needs a specific solution.
  • Opines that poverty affects the world in general, not just specific countries.
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