Two Types Of Animation In Animation: 2D And 3D Animation

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Animation is defined as the artistry of producing inanimate object to move or alter its station position to another position. The first ever recorded animator originated from the Greek and Roman mythology who works as sculptor. He sculpted a figure of a woman so ideal and splendid that he fell in love with the sculpture and begged Venus to bring the sculpture to life. Contemporary film animation, which has made it an essential conveyance for searching the ever confounding emotions of childhood still comply to some sense of fascination and secrecy. (DBS:INTERACTIVE,2010

To delve deeper in discerning the context of animation, there are two types of media which is 2D and 3D animation. Both have their own differences in style, concept
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Higher level of entertainment as well as reality visual effect movies has brought audience to their feet. Movies such as Titanic and Independence Day were attracting audience from all ages including children to see those new visual effects. Sheer aesthetic appeal is the main headline for attracting audience to the theaters more than the storyline itself. CG features are well known for their rich visual and more exciting aesthetics that they portray. Videos games and music videos are also growing and developing with the uprising technology eye candy, especially among younger teens. The richness of 3D and its technology has brought a whole new perspective to audience and made traditional animation seem dull and flat. (Jones et…show more content…
From the advancement of the animation industry, the background layers are now replaced by CGI which is also apply in 2D animation. Conventional 2D technique are still used in creating the main characters but the background of the film such as buildings and trees are modelled using 3D CGI. From the movie Mulan (1998), CGI is used for crowd scenes and background and it has been increasingly used to produce tradtional cartoons till today. The advantage of this technique is that it has made it easier to locate and adjust the camera during a shot while the "multiplane" system causes perspective distortion from the tracking and zooming shots from the camera. Hence, CGI provides more freedom compared to the "old" system because the background is redrawn in to suit the perspective for each frame ( Mitchell, 2002)

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