Twelfth Night By William Shakespeare

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Shakespeare is a famous writer of many plays, such as Twelfth Night. Twelfth Night is a romantic comedy that takes place in Illyria and incorporates several songs throughout the play. Shakespeare normally assigns the singing roles to characters of lower class and minor personalities, such as servants, clowns, rogues and fools. Major characters never usually sing unless they are in disguise or in distracted mental states. In Twelfth Night, the Fool, who is also known as Feste is in charge of all the songs and he uses music to effectively portray the truth and reality beneath all the acting in the play. The songs are not a reflection of him, but are addressed to the protagonists themselves. Through his use of indirect speech and metaphorical expressions, his music acts as a representation to the play itself, as it is meaningful and reinforces several major themes, such as love, suffering and betrayal, lies and deceit and death. Feste is a character that is treated for less than he is worth. He is considered the fool in the play, yet he is wiser and more intelligent than many of the other characters. Other characters, such as Sir Toby, Orsino and Olivia simply use Feste for their own entertainment and disregard the meaning and purpose behind his songs. They assume that he is speaking a bunch of nonsense, when in fact he is very knowledgeable and is able to highlight all the major themes of the play. The first song Feste sings is in the request of Sir Andrew and Sir Toby Belch. Throughout this song, he manages to capture the various aspects of love presented throughout the play. Feste begins by asking “O mistress mine, where are you roaming” (2.3.37). He explores the characters quest and complications involved with finding true love.... ... middle of paper ... ... Malvolio. As a result, Feste cleverly and indirectly manages to underline the central theme of the play in his song by presenting a scene that is filled with lies and deception. In conclusion, unlike some songs that appear meaningless and useless, Feste’s songs is essential to the play. The songs provide knowledge, a sense of emotion and realism in Twelfth Night. Shakespeare uses music to build a connection between the play and the readers by evoking feelings that cannot be described through casual conversation. They are timed perfectly to match various situations and atmospheres and it highlights several major themes, such as love, death, betrayal and deception. Therefore, the songs demonstrate that Feste is much more intelligent and wise compared to what others perceive him to be, as he is the only character that manages to grasp the main concepts of the play.

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