Treating A Mental Health Disorder

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This assignment is somewhat of a freeing one I personally believe in pharmaceutical medication. I have struggle with major depression for about ten years. Most people find it hard to believe that it has happen to me. It sometimes cripples me. As much I fight this disorder it gets the very best of me. I take medication every day to address the disorder, however a lot day it just simple wins. This bring me to the subject matter alternative medication to treating a mental health disorder. It funny there are several alternative to treating this illness. Let me see if I can provide you with a clear definition of mental health disorder. A mental illness is a condition that impacts a person 's thinking, feeling or mood and may affect his or her ability to relate to others and function on a daily basis. Each person will have different experiences, even people with the same diagnosis (Mental Health Conditions, 2016) . A mental health condition isn’t the result of one event. Research suggests multiple, interlinking causes. Genetics, environment and lifestyle combine to influence whether someone develops a mental health condition. A stressful job or home life makes some people more susceptible, as do traumatic life events like being the victim of a crime. Biochemical processes and circuits as well as basic brain structure may play a role too (Mental Health Conditions, 2016). When I was first was diagnose it was such a struggle for me. I did not know how it happen and why it was happening all and all. I was a pretty happy on the outside that it was hard for me to digest. I question my doctor constantly about this and finally we got into my family history on my father side was mental health concerns. My oldest sister who I finally shar... ... middle of paper ... field, the use of alternative health care practices such as acupuncture, stress reduction, and mind/body interventions have been documented to be effective in the treatment of physical and psychological problems such as hypertension, chronic pain, cardiac arrhythmia, anxiety, and the symptoms of both cancer and AIDS. Therefore, when coping with depression myself I clear understanding that it is a day at time process. Over the years I have been able to pinpoint some of the different time of year when I tend to experience it more. The spring is horrible time for me it is surrounding the death of my father and his birthday. No matter how I say it going to be different it crepes upon and get me. Depression can be treated with medication or a holistic approach. Most people that I talk with say they have season with no symptom and other time they are complete symptomatic
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