Mental Illness And Mental Health

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were males, 7221, and the rest 564 were females. In order to see if the participates had any sort of mental illness they looked at self reported treatment, related to mental health (Biltz). The results of this study found that the amount of inmates that participating in this study had a disproportionally number of inmates with mental healthy that were physically victimized. According to this study prisons are a violent and unsafe place for people who suffer from mental illness (Biltz). Male inmates who suffered from any form of mental illness were nearly 1.6 times more likely to be physically victimized while in prison. Females inmates who had a mental illness were even more likely to suffer from physical victimization, they were nearly 2 times more likely than male inmates with mental illness (Blitz). Inmates that were African Americans and Hispanics were more likely to be physically victimized either by inmates or staff.
An article was released by the The Journal of American Academy of Psychiatry and Law which they discuses the challenge that medical doctors face when dealing with inmates that have experienced solitary confinement. Solitary confinement involves isolation from other inmates or any form of communication which has been linked to physical torture (Metzner). Inmates that are either in Supermax prions or wings of prisons that are only solitary confinement, experience abnormal environment, extreme security and only are allowed fours a week to leave their cell (Metzner). Solitary confinement can be very hurtful to an inmate’s mental health especially if they if they have pre existing mental illnesses, if they are in solitary confinement for an extensive period of time and if they have anything available such as radios ...

... middle of paper ... have been many studies that have been conducted in the past before the 2000’s, however for this paper those studies were not useful due to the fact that the use of current evidence was the upmost importance. Another limitation to the topic of this paper is that, the studies only include males usually. There has been little information published related to juveniles and women who face administrative segregation or solitary confinement. The hopes of these changes will help reduce the amount of self-harm that is experienced in prisons and jails.
More studies need to be done to see if the likelihood of mental illness increases in prisoners who have been in solitary. Studies also need to look at inmates who suffer from mental illnesses before solitary confinement and see if solitary confinement makes their symptoms worse or even their mental illness as a whole worse.
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