Trapped - Original Writing

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Trapped - Original Writing It is two 0’clock in the dark misty night and the Mitchell family are on their way to fun land resort in Mexico City. It has been a stressful journey for the family of three towards Fun Land. Crossing the border into Mexico the car has been put to a halt. “Hello sir, can you open the trunk to your car please?” asked the smartly dressed inspector. The family leader (Jack) stepped out of the black saloon, walked to the back of the car and opened the trunk. The inspector has a brief look, “okay clear!” exclaimed the inspector to his manager. “Have a safe journey” said the inspector politely. Many miles away from the border crossing half way through the motorway, the car was speeding through the green rural areas. “This is such a smoo….” uttered Jack; suddenly the car started shaking. “What’s happening to the car” says Jack’s wife Jane in a confused voice. “Don’t worry its nothing,” replied Jack trying to reassure her. Getting off the motorway to check the… the car abruptly stopped in a rundown area, on a deserted road. The area was completely empty, there were no cars around; not even parked on the curbs. Insights were many small houses most of them bordered up with wooden boards. Jack tried many times to start the car, but there was no hope the car was going to start. “Dad are we there yet” questioned Ryan, who just woke up because of the sharp stopping of the car, “Not yet son” replied Jack “Dad” said Ryan trying to attract Jack’s attention “Yes! Son!” answered Jack “Never mind” murmured Ryan to himself, he knew it wasn’t the right time to ask questions. Getting out of th... ... middle of paper ... ...without delay Ryan checked that his dad was still breathing Ryan saw no hope that his dad was alive because his eyes were closed but maybe he was just unconscious however his dad started coughing and instantly got back up on his feet. “Come on we have to go”, boomed Jane. Ryan turned around and that was when he stopped to catch his breath, there was the killer standing there ferociously breathing hardly, trying to stay alive with blood dripping from his begrimed face. Ryan was sweating buckets of fear and, he couldn’t believe the killer got back up on his feet. The killer wasn’t standing for long; he collapsed before he could take any more actions. The family had made it out of the house alive; they were not even severely injured, just had a few scratches. This was one vacation they would always remember.
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