Symbolism In The Red Convertible

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Blood is Thicker Than Water In “The Red Convertible,” Louise Erdrich through her first- person narrator Lyman, creates an unspoken emotional bond between two brothers. This emotional bond between the brothers is not directly spoken to each other, but rather is communicated through and symbolized by “The Red Convertible.” In spite of what appears as a selfless act by one brother, in turn, causes pain in the other brother, as no feelings were communicated. In this case, Lyman explains his version as he takes us through the experiences that he and his brother Henry have with the car. At the beginning of the story, you find that Lyman and Henry are like somewhat typical brothers living on the reservation. Although between the two brothers, Lyman…show more content…
The brothers for the same reason took the car and just drove for one full summer. In fact, they used the car just to drive for a casual and carefree summer. As a result, at one point they just rested as honeymooners would, with Lyman’s remembrance of the place as “the air was not too still...I feel good. Henry was asleep with his arms thrown wide” (325). Afterward, they continue on their honeymoon by picking up a girl and ending in Alaska. Indeed, what better place to honeymoon in the summer than Alaska. As Lyman said, “the sun doesn’t truly set there in summer” (325), and “you never feel like you have to sleep hard or put away the world” (325). Hence, all honeymoons must end, and as the days got shorter they decided to return to…show more content…
Whereas, when Henry was drafted, not to face his feelings and fears he offered his half of the car to Lyman. Clearly, this was his way of using the car to communicate, as Henry said to Lyman, “Now it’s yours” (326). Also, this could also be considered as a means to try to ease Lyman’s pain. Nevertheless, Lyman fought for the relationship without speaking the words. Besides, what’s more Lyman could not deal with the fact that Henry may not return, and he also used the car to communicate by rejecting his offer saying, “Thanks for the extra key,”(326). By the same token, they were using the car, by giving it up, as a symbol of their love; however, neither wanted the car without the other brother. In any case, without the car to connect them, they are in a break-up

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