Transforming Failure into Success

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Failure is the condition of not achieving a desirable goal or objective, but these shortcomings are opportunities to attain greatness. Since society does not reward failure, we must take advantage of such opportunities. Our history classes never teach us about the failures of life’s greatest thinkers, sports legends, or barons of business; they only inform us about the success of these people. What most people have yet to understand is that with each and every success, no matter how great or small, has been some instance of failure. Failure is the most essential constituent to success and has been a solid stepping stone for all facets of illustriousness of that aspect. Failure can be the most influential misfortune to ever happen to a person, but it is only a powerful tool when genuinely embraced. When failure is embraced correctly it can supply propulsion to immense levels of prowess. After all, the sweetest success is the most difficult one. The most innovative thinkers and pioneers of success have all experienced incredible failures at times. Thomas Edison comes to mind in his ...
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