Transformational Leadership Factors

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There are many factors which could contribute to the success of an organisation. However, there is one which in my opinion, is very near the top and that is employee engagement. There are three levels of employee engagement – engaged, not engaged and actively disengaged employees. Engaged employees work harder and are more loyal and is a key driver for the success of any organisation. Employee engagement is influenced by several factors including the workplace culture, communication, management and leadership styles, trust, respect, health and safety of their work environment, the reputation of the organisation, professional development and potential career opportunities within the organisation. And of these factors several are a priority.…show more content…
And like authentic leadership, it inspires employees to become leaders themselves. Authentic or emerging leadership can empower employees to achieve long- term results. Authentic leaders know that the key to a successful organisation is having empowered leaders across the board to ensure that bottom-line results are achieved. This success will reinforce the effectiveness of their leadership and attract talented staff, align staff’s vision and values with that of the organisation and empower everyone to sustain long-term results. Leading a team to achieve a goal provides a satisfaction knowing that others have been empowered and in doing so, authentic leadership has been fulfilled.

Impact of transformational leadership in the organisation

According to Pearson (2012), transformational leadership “ushers in radically positive possibilities so needed today to release the potential within situations and people, including the leader”.
To be a transformational leader, you must have:
• charisma which will encourage employees to follow your vision, act with conviction, have clear values which are demonstrated, be a role model and a leader who can be trusted;
• inspirational and can articulate the vision of the organisation with precision and in a persuasive
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It is important to find the right balance between listening and doing.

Application of transformational leadership to motivate and empower staff

Transformational leadership is an appropriate leadership style to motivate and empower staff as it encompasses charisma, inspiring employees, challenging employees and allowing employees to achieve their long-term goals in a personalised manner. It is one of the most inspiring leadership styles. These leaders facilitate conversations between major stakeholders of the organisation.
Should any problems arise in an organisation with transformational leadership, I believe that it will be dealt with swiftly and in a manner beneficial to everyone. With the individualised attention and awareness of all employees as to what is right and important, a strong and positive workplace environment will not allow nor encourage unacceptable behaviour.

Transformational leadership motivates employees to deliver the vision of the organisation. It can be implemented by guiding employees but allowing find solutions accommodate everyone’s skill set, articulate the vision, must lead by example and persevere through
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