Tragedy in William Shakespeare's Othello

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Tragedy in William Shakespeare's Othello

Othello is a unique play that exploits the extent to which a man is

willing to make way for his selfish motives. The Othello was written

in Elizabethan time, a time when a husband was allowed to murder his

wife if his wife is cheating on him, not if he doubts or thinks that

his wife is cheating on him. In this play Othello is the main

character, who suspects his wife’s honesty. Misusing his man powers,

he murders his wife because he thought she was cheating on him, but he

wasn’t sure about it. In his/her life, a person should be aware of the

people he goes around with. Othello lacked all these characteristics

and he ended up killing his innocent wife, Emilia and himself. During

the course of the play, audience is introduced to the character called

Iago. The whole time it seems like the Iago is the one who is most

responsible for what happened in novel, but as a mater of fact Othello

himself should be blamed for this tragedy. Due to his pride, jealousy

and nature of over trusting people, Othello killed his innocent wife

on base of his evil doubt and brought great tragedy to many people’s

lives including himself.

First of all, Othello and Desdemona married each other against will of

Desdemona’s father. While giving his daughter to Othello, Brabantio

told him that “Look to her moor, if thou hast eyes to see: She has

deceived her father, and may thee”. Othello counts this quote as proof

of Desdemona being a betrayer and he doesn’t trust her. But if he

would have come out of his mask of jealousy and pride and had looked

at his father’s advice from another view he would have realized


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... burned himself in this great fire that burned down house of trust.

Othello was jealous of relation between Desdemona and Cassio. Othello

took advantage of his right that every man holds in Elizabethan time.

Instead of trusting people he loved and people who loved him, he

trusted his lieutenant Iago. Even though Othello is responsible for

what happened, he is a tragic hero and his situation develops sympathy

in audience’s mind. Othello meet all the characteristics that a tragic

hero requires. Othello experienced hamartia and passed through hubris.

Othello got more than what he deserved. Othello saw his jealousy’s

deed lying in her bed. He murdered person he loves most, his wife.

Othello was left alone in a big ground without any help. Othello is

best example for people who make decisions in jealousy, hurry and

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