Theme Of Trust In Othello

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Trustworthiness is an important component throughout Othello by William Shakespeare. Relationship between two people must be based on trust in order to be long-lasting. However, trust is just a belief that the individual may have for someone and it cannot be seen because feelings are often constructs which makes it vulnerable to be manipulated. In the play, it was due to Othello trusting nature towards Iago that made him gullible and easy to manipulate into what Iago wants him to see or to believe. Othello’s love for Desdemona is weakened because they lost each other’s trust due to manipulation through other people’s word which reflects how easy human trust can be manipulated. Trust was lost between them due to Iago’s wicked schemed to construct Desdemona character into something completely different from how the audience perceiver her to be a big contributor to Othello losing faith in his own wife. Iago used how Desdemona character as a woman can be deceitful, her good virtue in helping Cassio turning their friendship into an affair and how unusual she a Venetian woman to be used to his advantage to manipulate Othello to believe Desdemona is cheating on him. One way for individual to manipulate a person’s trust is to indicate how they are different from each other. For instance, there is gender differences between male and female which can lead to them having different perception about society. In…show more content…
Therefore it gives Iago the advantage to use Desdemona’s character to manipulate Othello through their difference in sex, good nature of male and female friendship into an affair and also difference in race. Using the play Othello it shows how easy it is for human to be manipulated by another through words and action and when the trust is lost between two individuals their love and relationship is also lost as
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