Tragedy In Hamlet And Branagh's Hamlet

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“Hamlet is one of the world’s most famous tragedies. It describes the destruction of a royal family that results from Prince Hamlet’s revenge. By a dramatic and detailed presentation, Shakespeare reveals two main ideas of this play-one is “tragic hero”, and another is “civil strife”. In reality, the play “Hamlet” has been made to movies and even cartoons which convey these concepts in different ways. Hamlet is a classic tragic hero. He fought for justice, but he ended up dying, which is not a fate that a hero should get stereotypically. In Branagh’ film, Hamlet knew all the truth in the end; he chased to kill his “enemies”. With the exciting background music, Hamlet finally got revenge for his father, and evilness was defeated. At this moment, the scene of fighting is impressive. The audience might feel more respectful than sorrowful in spite of Hamlet …show more content…

Although both movies satire it by an unfortunate ending, they still have slight differences. In Branagh’s “Hamlet”, the last battle between Hamlet and Laertes appeared to be a show; virtually, it was a conspiracy. When the Danes still fought for their personal grudge, the united Norwegians have begun to attack Denmark. This sharp contrast extremely mocks at the Danes. From the moment that Claudius murdered his brother, the civil strife has started. Though the appearance of Fortinbras does not mention in Tennant’s movie, the movie takes similarly sarcastic attitude toward the same event. In his version, every death comes so easily and quickly, which is different with the long fighting in Branagh’s. Why? Perhaps the director wants to express that the Danes does not deserve to live even one more second because of their contempt for life. If that comprehension is true, it will be paradoxical but interesting. Hamlet, a hero, was the key person who caused the internal conflict of Denmark. In general, civil strife is mocked and criticized directly or indirectly in two

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