Hamlet Tragedy Analysis

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A tragedy, in terms of literature, is when the main character is not seen as indestructible. The main character has flaws and a tragic ending. One of the most famous writer of tragedies is William Shakespeare. Shakespeare, author of Hamlet, (biography.com) was alive between the years 1564 and 1616. His occupations were playwriting and poetry and he was brilliant. William, being the poet and play writer he his, wrote almost 400 different pieces. Some of his most famous plays include: Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and Hamlet. Hamlet is considered a tragedy because Hamlet, the main character, has a character flaw which is being very reluctant. Also throughout the play nothing really seems to go the way that Hamlet plans. Finally, the end of the play ends expectantly with a death from just about every main character except Horatio, Hamlets best friend. There are many places that we see Hamlet’s tragic flaw. The first place we see it is when her talks to the ghost who is supposed to be his father that is killed. In this scene, the ghost tells Hamlet that Claudius, Hamlet’s uncle, killed king Hamlet. Hamlet takes the ghosts words into consideration but does not fully believe the …show more content…

The whole scenario that happens during the duel, actually managed to kill every main character except for Horatio. Gertrude ends up drinking out of the poison cu that was meant for hamlet. Hamlet ends switching swords with Laertes and cuts Laertes, so then Laertes dies. Hamlet was also struck with the poison sword and he was dying but not dead yet. His last actions he made Claudius also drink from the cup so Hamlet could revenge his father, Claudius drank from the cup and died leaving just Horatio left. All of them dead by poison which is ironic because that is how the play starts off. King Hamlet tells Hamlet that Claudius killed him with poison in the garden and now almost everyone who died, died of poison except for Ophelia and

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