Character Analysis in Shakespeare´s Hamlet

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Throughout Shakespeare's play Hamlet, the main character; Hamlet displays his contemplative side and his sexual deviancy wrapped up in his enigmatic character that makes for a thought provoking play with many interesting twists and turns to keep the reader on their toes. Hamlet’s creative character allows for the viewer and the characters in the play alike to search deeper into the meaning of Hamlet’s words hoping find something more about Hamlet than meets the eye. As for Hamlet’s sexual deviancy, his dirty jokes and interest in his mother’s sex life are just another loop Shakespeare employs to get the reader engrossed and slightly disgusted in the story. Hamlet’s philosophical and contemplative side involves the reader in Hamlet's quest to find and accept the whole truth however hopeless it is, due to Hamlet’s love of questions that cannot be answered with certainty.
Hamlet is an extremely contemplative man, whether it is deciding to terminate his life or his uncle’s, Hamlet is constantly thinking. One of Hamlet’s most famous soliloquies “To be or not to be” demonstrates Hamlet’s lack of inability to decide his own fate. "The line; Who would bear the whips and scorns of time" (3.i.72) is a classic example of Hamlet weighing the pros and cons of taking his own life. Here, Hamlet is not only thinking of himself but the consequences it would have on everyone else. Hamlet is fueled by his emotions, and comes to the conclusion that if he takes his own life, no one will avenge his father’s death. Hamlet also decides that being being damned to hell for eternity is not worth it as evidenced in the line (3.i.85.) “The conscience does make cowards of us all." Hamlet wants to end the pain in his life but realizes it is much nobler to liv...

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... as well as make conclusions about Hamlet’s personality and actions. Hamlet does not even know who Hamlet is, nor does his mother or his best friend Horatio.
The main character of Hamlet, displays many traits we as humans face today. Hamlet is an extremely thought provoking tragedy with many twists and turns that make it hard to put down. This is because of Shakespeare's depiction of Hamlet, a young enamic man whose quest for truth ultimately leads to his downfall. Hamlet’s characterstics like sexaul deviancy and his contemplative nature allow him to be viewed as a three dimensional character that engrosses readers and allows them to make connections to Hamlet they otherwise would not have made. Reader’s are able to look at the deeper meaning of Hamlet as well as the characters themselves for clues to solve the riddle that is Shakespeare's longest tragedy, Hamlet.
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