Trafficking girls

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It is estimated that more than two million people around the world are being trafficked every year, the most of whom are unfortunately females. Since the past, gender inequality and unfairness existed. Many parents think that if they have a daughter, they have a bigger responsibility than having a son. Some parents treat their daughters so harshly and miserably because they don’t want others to say that they weren’t raised well by their parents. There should definitely be more attention on the extent of trafficking females. There should definitely be rules and punishments for those who sell their daughters to men without their agreement too. Some of the girls are too young to understand that if her parents gave her away, horrible things like murder and sexual assault might happen to them. Women and girls are being sent to foreign countries to work and are also given for men to marry. Those women and girls are actually forced into prostitution (David M. Smolin, 2005). Others are forced to be used by men because of the position of their family, as they are in the low-class. Parents sell their daughters to men for two main reasons.
First of all, some parents are giving their daughters to men because of poverty. Conferring to UNICEF, young women are manipulated to prostitution in the global financial sex trade. The use of girls especially, in the commercial sex trade has been so much that many people know about it and laws in few of the countries do not except that. Over the past ten years, trading has been taken too far. By that it is meant that instead of trading goods, parts of people are trading women. It is also estimated that in the past three decades, trafficking of women in Asia for sexual profiteering has discriminated more...

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...ring organization”, 2012). As maintained by the “United Nations”, in 2004, the entire annual gain for trafficking women and girls were estimated to be within $5 billion and $9 billion. Moreover, the innocents face problems of insecurity and inadequacy complex.
In conclusion, parents sell their daughters because of poverty and gender bias. The crime of trafficking girls has actually been widespread. It causes health consequences and Psychiatric illnesses. Most of the parents who give their girls away are hunting to escape inequality and poverty. They want to improve their lives and not have to pay for their daughters since they are already very poor (“Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, 2003). The trafficked girls most likely face problems and due to the problems that they face and the things that they are forced to do unwillingly, they try to commit suicide.
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