Too Much Homework is Bad for Kids

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To much homework may cause more harm than good. In my sophomore year being a student-athlete was a huge challenge. I would drown in homework every single night after getting home from basketball practice at 5. I would stay up until 1 a.m doing all my homework, when I would get tired I would plead with my sister to help me finish my homework I had left to do. I became stressed with 7 hours of school and then 2 hours of basketball practice and then spending all night working on my assignments. I would go to school exhausted and in fear of how much homework I would receive that day. This new school year as a junior, I chose to challenge myself even more with honor classes, leadership, and an AP class. I knew this year would bring upon more challenges then the previous year, since I had never taken an AP class. I decided to give up basketball because it was taking up too much time off my homework which would deprive me from sleep. Basketball was a sport I dreamed of playing for the rest of my school high school years. I dreamed of being recognized by my coach as “Dulce Melo a center-forward that has been playing since freshman year, who has improved so much, and trained so hard to become part of the girls Polytechnic Basketball team.” I had given up on that dream, I was no longer part of the schools student-athlete association I was just a student. I shattered a dream I had worked so hard for and dreamed of since I was small because of the new up-coming homework loads that were going to come my way. Many students like myself are spending all evening and sometimes night, doing homework. Many teachers give too much homework, and often teachers do not coordinate the quantity given. To much homework can lead to deprivation in leisure act...

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