To Be or Not to Be: Hamlet

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Tragic death plays a really big role in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Hamlet often considers death in many different perspectives, and definitely obsesses with the idea more so after his fathers’ death. Hamlet’s soliloquy is one of the most famous in literature, “To be or not to be, that is the question…” Hamlet’s dilemma is the pain of life that he must endure or the uncertainty of death. From the beginning of the play to the very last scene, the fascination between life and death plays a role throughout. Hamlet is troubled through the play after realizing that his uncle was the one who murdered his father and is now married to his mother. He wants to avenge Hamlet Sr. death and kill Claudius but feels that killing himself would be an easier resolution. After the death of his murdered father and appearance at his funeral, Hamlet will not leave anywhere without making the statement of his all black attire on the inside and out. The turn of events throughout the play only help the reader understand the debt of each character and their specific role to Hamlet and to the story in regards to life and death.

Claudius is one of the main characters responsible for his own death in the play because he portrays himself to be untouchable; not thinking clearly of the consequences to his actions. He starts off by killing his own brother and marrying his queen, Gertrude, only because he lust power and sex. His cold-hearted actions make him the antagonist of Hamlet and most deserving of death. Through all of his malicious actions, he plans a duel between Laertes and Hamlet assuring Hamlet’s death as well by poisoning a drink and the end of Laertes’ sword. He definitely got a taste of his own medicine because he died a rightful death by the sa...

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...ich gives the character an almost happy tragic ending.

The charm given by Hamlet has to do with the fact that we can all relate with his struggles and principles. We each have to face a dilemma where we deal with a corrupt world in some point in our lives. The way he preserves his moral integrity is a prime example that he is human and relatable. His unbalanced characteristics, reactions and conflicting thoughts make him weak but perfectly human at then end of the day. His last act of dying is suitable to his flawed but human character, in which he also redeems himself. He attains justice for the death of his father, even at the cost of his own life. Even with the other characters, they realize their full capabilities when they face the struggle of forthcoming demise. By dying, they are able to overcome the anxiety and reservations that are associated with death.
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