Beatles: The Success And Success Of The Beatles

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“The Beatles” is a rock band formed in 1960 in Liverpool, England. The group originally consisted of the guitarist John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison along with bassists Stuart Sutcliffe and drummer Pete Best. Much of the group’s early time was spent playing shows in Hamburg ,and Germany. McCartney then took on base after Sutcliffe’s 1961 departure and they began recording as a backing band. After meeting their future manager Brian Epstein, “The Beatles” signed to record for EMI on Parlophone label. That same year Ringo Star starts playing the first recording session and the classic Beatles’ lean up was solidified. All four members contributed vocals, but Lennon and McCartney’s collaboration stood out. The group released…show more content…
Some of the most successful of these included “The Beatles Anthology” documentary and the “Courtesy of Cirque Du Soleil”, theoretical production “Love”. The Beatles were artistic innovators who quickly achieved mass of success with their colossal pop culture influence there is no doubt that their successful legacy will live long. Beatles separation was actually painful, just like a divorce. They had been together since kids, they grew up together and they finally broke up and there were many things involved in the reasons for their break up. Shortly after it happened John said that the Beatles were bastards and that he didn’t miss the Beatles though in an interview of McCartney regarding the issue, McCartney emphasised that he didn’t believe that John fully meant what he said and that he knew for sure that John did miss the Beatles a lot as Yoko as well had confirmed that John missed the Beatles though he was not that kind of guy to admit it. On the other hand, McCartney says he believes that the Beatles was a great band and during their 10 years together all of them did many things and certainly all of them missed the band shortly after the break up, maybe

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