Throne Of Glass Essay

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You know that one book that you end up seeing everywhere. The one that everyone love and begs for you to read, just so that they have someone to talk about it with. The one that every book youtuber has reviewed. Well, Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, is that book. Throne of Glass is aimed for audiences 17 and up. In this breath-taking fantasy, a young assassin is collected by the Crown Prince of Andarlan and Captain of the Guard, after a year in a death camp. There, she learns she is to be put in a competition with thieves, warriors, and assassins (known as Champions) to become the King’s Royal Assassin and to compete for freedom. However, soon Champions are found dead and Celaena Sardothien’s, the young assassin, fight for freedom turns into a fight for survival.
Sarah J. Maas wrote this book in a very modern way. Throne Of Glass is written in a way where you can hear who is talking and see what is going on, yet you don’t feel as though you …show more content…

The views the main characters have to the majority of these topics are as you would expect. However, Maas’s creation of how the characters react to, let’s say, personal morals is, at times, quite confusing. The personality of a character sometimes contradicts the morals they tend to have. For that reason, the plot can get confusing at times. Now, the summary suggest strong, self-aware, emotionless characters focused on surviving and solving the mystery behind the death of other champions. Yet, as is the trend of many other young adult books with romance, love is in the front and the other important issues are in the back. Throne of Glass focuses on slavery and the political anarchy, yet the characters tend to go back to how much they care for another character: although love is, thankfully, not the may focus. Instead, Maas created this love to co-exist with action, mystery and such, yet not have love be in the spotlight the whole

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