Three Days: Princess Twilight Sparkle

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I am Princess Twilight Sparkle; I have just witnessed the end of the world. The seas boiled blood red, and the air clouded with souls. I can no longer fix this, not now anyways. With my last dying breath I preformed black magic to warn my past self of her predicament. 3 Days Earlier. The sun shun brightly through the lightly clouded sky reflecting brightly off the bright green meadow grass. Twilight, and all her very best friends where having a picnic, it was a rare occasion that Twilight was able to visit her friends in Ponyvile for the past few months she was leading an expedition to the ancient remains of Old Equestria to learn more about long ago, although the expedition being a failure she was excited to see her seemingly ancient friends. “Hey Pinkie, what did you put in this sandwich? It’s kind of an odd texture.” “I was out of vegetables and hay grass so, I put FUN in them!” Pinkie Pie says enthusiastically. “What is that suppose to mean?” Applejack asks. “It means she put the stuff that was in her party cannon into that them, see?” Rainbow Dash pulls confetti out of her sandwich in disgust “Pinkie Pie, usually you’re just plain weird but that is gross!” “There not that bad!” Pinkie Says as she says as she chows down on her confetti sandwich. Everypony else immediately stops eating and pushes there sandwiches aside. “So, Twilight how was the expedition? I don’t think I could ever do something like that, I’d never be able to sleep outside.” Rarity says “it wouldn’t good for my complexion” “Well, it was relatively uneventful. Three other ponies and I went hundreds, maybe even thousands of miles through uncharted wilderness. On about the seventh month we hit a seemingly endless mountain range, we didn’t have the equipment to ... ... middle of paper ... ...from the hair. Enclosing all six of them in a bubble of bright plamic energy. “Wait for me!” Spike says jumping into the center. The ball of plasma shrunk instantaneously. They were gone, only leaving the remains of the spell circle. --- At the top of the watchtower Luna looked up at the stars, observing them. Stars were the favorite part of her nights. The moon used to be her favorite, but after her long entrapment within the moon it reminded her too much of her past, best to just move on in the end. “Watch Out!” Luna turns her head to see six ponies tumbling off the slanted roof of the watchtower right toward her. CRASH “I apologize Luna, I guess I screwed that up. But since you’re here I need to speak to you and your sister.” Twilight grins awaiting approval from the dark princess. “Alright, it will give you a chance to apologize for stealing a strand of her hair”

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