Thomas Hardy's Tess Of The D'Urbervilles

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Thomas Hardy's Tess Of The D'Urbervilles Tess Of The D'Urbervilles was written by Thomas Hardy, in 1891. This is a tragic victorian novel, in which Thomas Hardy has shown how fate, chance, and coincidence can affect a life and how much things can change. This novel depicts the story of Tess, a young girl who just turns into a woman, living in the Victorian lower class, as she moves through her life and what happens in between. Thomas Hardy has shown how class very much so affected life in Victorian Times, and he also showed how men used to dominate women, and the injustice of existence, and we shall explore this further later on. Hardy has very negative views on life; as to how fate, chance and coincidence can twist existence, thus making things take a turn for the worse. Tess has been described as a "toy in the hands of fate", this is because what happens to her through fate is as if fate is just toying around with her and not being serious. It's rather like a small child holding a toy car in his hand, he will hit it against places and throw it around and be rough with it, rather as with Tess, Tess being the car and fate being the child. On the way home to the village of Marlott, a middle aged peddler named John Durbeyfield encounters an old Parson who surprises him by calling him "Sir John". The old parson (who was referred to as Parson Tringham) told John Durbeyfield how he had traced back the family histories and discovered that John Durbeyfield is a descendent of the noble family the D'Urbervilles, but since the old family roots go so far back they are now meaningless, but John Durbeyfield begins to feel like a very importa... ... middle of paper ... ...ey would be near impossible to happen in other circumstances. Thomas Hardy has very strong views and she shows them beautifully. He shows that social class is very backward and causes many a life to be treated unfairly. He also does not like the stand that women were given in those times, the women have no control and just get dominate dby men. Thomas Hardy also does not believe in religion; as he clearly shows that although they are religious fate is still treating Tess the wrong way. He even goes so far as to say "Where was Tess' guardian angel now"; because in religions there are things such as guardian angels; but Tess' one was not present to save her; thus showing religion as useless. Overall; I think that this novel is a tragic one; showing Hardy's views on life; status of women, class, fate and religion.
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