Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

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The text is Pride and Prejudice which is about the ups and downs of the connection/relationship between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. The person who changes the most throughout the novel is Mr. Darcy who changes for the affection of Elizabeth. The first copy of Pride and Prejudice was published in 1993 by Wordsworth Editions Limited. Jane Austen is the author and the genre of the novel is Historical/Romance. The book looks at Mr. Darcy and changing his personality, which characters remain static through the book, what Jane Austen is trying to say about the period of time the novel is set in and why Jane Austen has so many characters that stay the same all through the book.

Why does Jane Austen have so many static characters? Well there may well be many answers but the ones that stand out include; characters in the text altering to add a twist to the book to make things more attention-grabbing and because back in the early 18th century men and women were supposed to act in a certain way, and if they acted differently they would be thought of as anomalous and people would think of them as different but not always in a good way. Darcy does not actually feel the need to change until Elizabeth turns him down and tells him that he’s not that grand and that he’s stuck-up.

Mr. Darcy changes from disagreeable to agreeable after he asks Elizabeth to marry him but she declines because of his bad nature and atrocious manners towards her. Mr. Darcy is the most changed character throughout the novel because at the start of the book he is considered proud and arrogant by the people of Meryton at the ball but by the end of the novel he is considered passionate, pleasant and very well mannered. Mr. Darcy may have made an immense change for people to like him but characters like Mr. Bingley remain static through the entire book. One of Jane Austen’s main points in Pride and Prejudice was to make clear that change wasn’t acceptable back then.

Jane Austen wrote this book trying to make people understand about the period of time this book was set in. Jane Austen’s book has many reasons for why the book was set in this time and one of them is the gender issues back then. Back then men and women weren’t permitted to do certain things and were expected to act in a certain way because if you were different it wasn’t considered good unlike nowadays, we can be different and nobody really cares, it’s who you are.

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