Things to Keep in Mind When Dating

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Ever since the beginning of time, the world’s inhabitants have been dating or been in a relationship with other people. Without these relationships, the world would have never survived and everyone would not be alive today. Even though it has been millions of years since the creation of this planet we call Earth.

So my question is, “What does it mean to be in a relationship?” There are many, many, many different possible answers to this question. For example, some people say that they mean nothing…they obviously haven’t been in a serious relationship that where each partners cared for one another. It feels good when couples are in these relationships, they must feel like someone actually cares about them and they’ll never want this sensation to end.

So when someone first starts to date hopefully they realize that there are many things that they should and should not do. Through my research I have found out that there are way more things someone shouldn’t do on their first date than things that they should do. Out of the five suggestions, I have chosen to give three things that they should not do. The first one that I chose out of my research was do not try to act too shy. Being shy can be a really bad thing, it can make them not do something that they really wanted to do. Also being shy can lead to very embarrassing awkward silences which won’t lead to another date. But if she talks a lot then maybe she won’t realize that someone is a shy guy and they will have time to get used to being with her and hopefully break out of their shy phase with her. My second, thing someone shouldn’t do would be that they should never be the person who is always needy, lonely or even be too clingy. Everyone is needy,well unless they have someo...

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