There Should be a Uniform System of Education in America

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There should be a uniform system of education in a country

Uniform system of education means that the level of education must be same for everyone in a country. Everyone in a country must be given equal opportunities for getting high education. There should be no concept of various systems of education. For example Madrassa school system; Government school system; Private school education system and British education system. I totally agree with the topic that there should be uniform system of education. Basically uniformity brings equality in everything. Justice needs that everyone should have equal rights. Thus for giving equal rights to his inhabitants, the government should spread a uniform system of education throughout the country. Uniformity in the system of education brings the people of the country together.

If there is uniform system of education in a country of education then people of that country will be able to share their brilliant ideas equally among themselves which get them to discover new theories. It can increase their communication skills. It can make them helpful for their country. They will play an important role in the development of their country. They will step forward towards their destination together. It can break the walls of difference between them. It will produce unity in them as one community and according to a proverb that “Union is strength”, they will become more strengthen. No one will have the courage to face them. They will be independent. They will rule over the world. On the other hand if there is no uniform system in a country then its people will hang in the net of various school systems because different school systems cost different amounts. Some costs cheap while others cost a huge...

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...people studied in one system of education can share their ideas with the people studied in another system of education. Thus in this way they can minimize their weaknesses and maximize their abilities because individually no one is perfect. If we successfully provide uniformly high quality education throughout a country then all the people will have to study same level of education throughout their life which may be boring almost to all the people of the world. Because human being want change in their life as it is commonly said that “change is the sauce of life”. No one want that there should be one season in a year. No one wants to eat same food every time. On the other hand by providing various varieties of education we can produce all sorts of people to make an independent society.

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