Therapeutic Riding

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Therapeutic riding is usually done with children because its easier for their bones to mend and recover. The goal of physical therapy for children with cerabal palsy is to decrease the influence of abnormal muscle tone.

There are a few different types of therapy that uses horses. Hippo therapy means- treatment with the help of a horse from the greek word hippo. Hippo therapy is generally used for people with mild to severe neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction. Hippo therapy is not for every patient with disabilities. Another kind of therapy E. F. P. is called Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy. Which is a lot of vaulting and driving. Back riding is when the rider can not sufficiently hold them selves up vertically on the horse so a certified rider will come sit behind them hold them up while they’re on the horse and make sure they stay still. Therapeutic riding goes all the way back to world war one where it was used to help veterans.

Therapeutic riding can benefit you in many different aspects. Its phycological benefits include promoting feelings of power and happiness. The physical...
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