Theodore Roethke Poetry Analysis Essay

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Analysis through a Readers Eyes When reading a story or a poem, readers tend to analyze, and develop their own opinions. Any content an author or poet produces is up to the reader to question, and identify what the story is trying to say. The point that I am stating is that, stories are like maps that we readers need to figure out. We have to find the starting point, and get to the destination of our conclusion, and the thoughts we have about the story or poem. In the stories that we have read so for throughout the semester, they all have different messages of what they are trying to convey to the reader in a way that can be relatable. Among all the author’s and poet’s works we have read, I have enjoyed Theodore Roethke’s poems. Roethke has developed poems that explore emotions that readers can relate to. I would like to explain and interpret the themes that Theodore Roethke expresses in the poems “My Papa’s Waltz”, “The Waking”, and “I Knew a Woman”. In the poem “My Papa’s Waltz”, the overall theme of it is family. The reason the theme of the poem is family is because, it demonstrates an …show more content…

I chose to examine “My Papa’s Waltz”, “The Waking”, and “I Knew a Woman” because, they all share theme’s that are in sequence. These poems consist of life lessons that many people will go through at certain points in their lives. Another reason I like these poems is because, they are all what a person needs. Theodore Roethke’s poems are consisted of moments that grabbed my attention, and really made me think about life and the lives around them. Overall, I admire Roethke’s poetry because, they are relatable in a sense that speaks the truth of what people go through. By the time I was done reading, I felt as if I went through a journey of realizing what is really important in this world. His poems have made me think more about what surrounds me, and to appreciate life

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