Themes And Romanticism In William Wordsworth's Tintern Abbey

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Morrison 1Kristen MorrisonDean FeldmanIntroduction to Humanities23 April 2016William Wordsworth’s Tintern AbbeyWilliam Wordsworth wrote Tintern Abbey during the romantic era. This era seemed tobe all about nature, with an interest of gothic. Many of the authors of this time frame wrotelyrical poems, talking about deep emotions and interest of the past. The term romanticism alsoincluded the power of imagination and the love of nature. In this poem, William Wordsworth istalking about it as if it were in the past and he was looking back on a memory. For example,when you return to a place you haven’t been to in a while. When everything is the same in oneway but also different at the same time. This poem was written in 1798. William Wordsworthwas…show more content…
He explains many times thatbeing involved in nature helps him deal with life.Typically, most poets write about things that mean the most to them. Even though thispoem was about nature, William Wordsworth also included his sister in the poem near the end.William Wordsworth was born in England on April 7, 1770. When William Wordsworth was ayoung boy, both of his parents died. He and his siblings were basically split apart and he wassent to grammar school. He didn’t get to see his siblings until he was much older. In the poem,William Wordsworth is speaking with his sister, Dorothy. He cherished his siblings. Dorothy mayhave even lived with William’s family, where she helped the family out. However, WilliamWordsworth’s life seemed to be full of tragedy. For example, three of his children has died andhis navy brother had drowned in a shipwreck. According to Bryan Aubrey, in The Salem PressBiographical Encyclopedia, “Dorothy had become seriously ill and lived the last twenty years ofher life as a physical invalid”. One of his best friends was poet Samuel Coleridge. Wordsworthand Coleridge even wrote together. According to Aubrey, “they published a joint collectiontogether titled Lyrical Ballads”. However, the reason Tintern Abbey was in ruins was because of Henry VIII. Hedisbanded the Catholic monasteries, this church at the time of the suppression was over 400years old. The roof eventually was gone and…show more content…
People were so against the industrial revolution backthen and now in present day it is normal. The romantic era was so focused on nature becauseof the fear of the industrial revolution might demolish it all together. Tintern Abbey can still beseen today, but possibly surrounded with

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