Theme Of Stopping By The Woods On A Rainy Day

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(Pg 937-Stanza 5-10)

The narrator was very descriptive by comparing herself to a lonely tree. A tree represents "Strength" and protection. The female character in this poem doesn’t acknowledging that she is strong to recognize her mistakes. She is strong to endure being left alone even after all her mistakes in life. The central idea of the poem is " Loneliness and regret". Two emotions that will devour you completely. She acknowledges her past mistake allowing man to take her for granted.

In the poem " Stopping by the woods on a rainy day" by Robert Frost. The unnamed male character explains the beauty of nature when being driven by his horse. He goes into detail with every description of the woods. The character in this story is planning …show more content…

1116, Stanza 5)

" The darkest evening of the year" is symbolic for death. He will not see light in his eyes but darkness because he will not exist anymore in life. Just imagine how dark it is to die? Robert Frost really captures the idea of death.

" What lips have my lips kissed" by Edna Millay. I totally enjoyed the description of she applied to her poem. She makes you feel like you’re the elder woman in the poem. You imagine yourself lonely and sad. You imagine how hard it hurts to be alone and no have a companion. To make mistakes and hurt yourself. Although, the character is sad she remains strong.

"I cannot say what loves have come and gone,

I only know that summer sang to me

A little while, that in me sings no more

(Pg. 937, Stanza 10)

This metaphor in her poem captures how this woman at one point of her life had it all. Lost the temporary love she had in her youth. " Summer sang to me. A little while, that in me sings no more" she explains that living life freely didn’t last forever. The metaphors used by both the poets captured the imagery of living in the main characters

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