Theme Of Soldier's Home

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Ernest Hemingway’s “Soldier’s Home” is a short story that shows how a soldier copes with civilian life after war and the struggles that Harold Krebs, Hemingway’s protagonist, experiences throughout his familiar, but new life. With changes in his view about the world it adds to his problem with adjusting to his life. “Soldier’s Home” uses the setting and characters to explain the theme of the story of a soldier’s transition to normality. Several symbolism is used by Hemingway to explain the story. The title “Soldier’s Home”, symbolizing a soldier’s toughest challenge to change his way of living since the job is done.
The setting of the story is one of the most important aspects of the story. Krebs returns home to his hometown, but much later
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He keeps on talking about how he wants to have a girl, but doesn’t want any manual labor to be done. He wants his new life to come naturally to him. The girls being the only change in town shows a soldier’s change post-war. Harold often looks at other girls and for him “there were many good-looking girls” suggesting that he likes to look at other’s life and comparing it to his own. He wants to have the simple lives that the town is living, everyone has settled. Given the fact that two German girls were in with him in the beginning of the story, shows that the girls came naturally because they were Germans, one of the United States’ enemies during the war. He was a soldier and they were civilians, reader can figure out that the girls were afraid that they were in front of the enemy and they had to join them rather than fight…show more content…
Krebs, Harold’s mother, and her sister, Helen, tries to help Harold to ease his transition to his new life. But in doing so it complicates things for Krebs even further. As his sister asks him about his feelings for her, he replies with “Sure”, “Uh, huh”, “Maybe.”, implicating that he wants the questions to stop and just be over it. Hence, the life that he wants, no complex issues and a life without hard work. Everyone wants to live a labor free life, but it’s not the reality people live in. When his mother goes to talk to her and she says, “There can be no idle hands in His Kingdom” he replies with, “I’m not in His kingdom” pointing out the life he’s living right now is out of everyone’s world. He’s living in a lie, a lie he made ever since the beginning of his newfound life. He continues on living in his fantasy world when Mrs. Krebs asked him “Don’t you love your mother, dear boy?” he replies with a one honest word answer “No”. In order to comfort her he lies to her by explaining that he answered out of anger. Her mother a woman, represents the life he wants to live. He has lied to himself while knowing the reality of living a life after the
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