Theme Of Realism In Wuthering Heights

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The era of Victorian literature writings comes with much idealisms and realism. There are mixes and similarities that make them vary in books and other literary works. Their poems have apparent drifts by the writers. These changes do not interfere with themes and elements which include the moral purpose, love and romance, imperialism and realism in life. Wuthering Heights is an example of a literary work produced during the same time. The people, as portrayed in the book, were status-conscious, with Catherine leading in portraying sophistication. It is necessary to analyze how these issues came out in the book. It also shows how the theme fits as an element of Victorian Literature with use of the various settings. This essay will explore how the different settings helped the overall theme and how it used these settings for symbolism in the book. The Victorian era, was one of outward appearance and status marriages. People during this time were willing to marry and be unhappy with their lives just to increase the standing that their respective family had. During this time, there was also a big push for industry and increased populations in urban areas for the first time in human history. These facts along with social unrest…show more content…
The nearest town is a place called Gimmerton, this is where the doctor, Mr. Kenneth, and a lawyer, Mr. Green, lived. Liverpool is also mentioned in the story, as a distant port city that is affiliated with a dark, gypsy child in Heathcliff. However, no city center is made mention of, rather markers like the “golden rocks”, black desolate hallows, austere hilltops, bilberry bushes, moonlit scenery likened to “one billowy white ocean” (Brontë, 1847), miles of open country and miles of convoluted roads. The land makes it very easy to get lost, especially with a fresh blanket of snow covering
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