Theme Of Love In The Mysterious Stranger

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Love is defined in many different ways; often times it depends on the person you ask. Sometimes it can be mistaken for lust or hate, and some people don’t even believe love exists. Although each individual carries their own opinion and perspective, it is safe to say that the portrayal of love in literature and film can appear much more magical and grand than it is in reality. Love can be an extremely controversial topic, but for the duration of this paper I ask the reader to hypothesize with me and explore the point of view from the literature and film aspect. I will be comparing the theme of love in the film Twilight and the story The Mysterious Stranger. Specifically, I will be comparing the theme of love in contradiction with “love” that…show more content…
Her cousin, Bertha, had a more traditional thought process of being with somebody who was kind and sweet. Franziska was repulsed by this sort of ‘effeminate’ man and sought out adventure. She is subsequently drawn to Azzo (the vampire) and cannot shake the idea of him, consciously or unconsciously. In the beginning of the story, Franziska is extremely adamant about the type man she hopes to…show more content…
When faced with this impending danger and mysterious territory, they are unafraid to ask questions and explore that unknown. Part of this adventurous spirit is their incessant curiosity. In twilight, this curiosity brings about a magical new reality and opens up a whole new world for Bella; through her persistence for knowledge and stubborn demeanor she finds an answer and finds her true love. In contradiction, in Mysterious Stranger, the curiosity of Franziska will bring her success and will also be her fatal flaw. If it were not for this curiosity, she wouldn’t have ventured into the ruins of castle Klatka and she wouldn’t have invited him back to their estate. When they first are journeying through the woods and come into contact with the wolves, Franziska remarks: “Then we shall have an adventure- some little variety!” (212) I believe this quote holds a potent foreshadowing effect of how her curiosity would manifest itself into a

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