Theme Of Love In The Gift Of The Magi

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Sacrificing your most valuable items for someone you love is a bold task. The gift of joy you receive is worth the price. Christmas Day, and Della and Jim of the story, The Gift of the Magi, have no money to buy each other a gift. When worst comes to worse, they give up their most prized possessions for each other, and in the end, they happen to give up too much, but even then, it was all for love. This relates back to the theme of the story because that is what the theme is -- Love. It is a very important recurring message throughout this story and shines through each element seen. As the story develops, so do the character's love and the plot is discovered. The theme plays a significant role in the development of the plot as seen through…show more content…
In a story, feelings of the characters are one of the most important ways to find things out about the theme, plot, and story. It allows us to see into the minds of characters that other characters can’t. Della and Jim have strong feelings for each other. Throughout the whole story, their love is seen through every element in the story, and through the feelings it is also very obvious. “Della finished her cry and attended to her cheeks… Tomorrow would be Christmas day and she only had $1.87” (Henry 25-27). In this quote, Della is crying because she cannot provide Jim with what he wants because she is poor. She is crying because she cares. This is very important to her because she loves him. The theme of love once again is seen strongly through everything these characters go through, whether it is their feelings or their words and actions, but it all ties together and brings the story into one piece. “Two possessions of (Jim) in which they both took mighty pride… Jim's gold watch… The other was Della’s hair (Henry 43-45). In this quote, Jim has two most prized possessions. These would be his watch and Della’s beautiful hair (after Della herself, of course). Jim is willing to give up one of these super special items just for Della, because of how much he loves her. This relates to the theme because it is all about love. Love surrounds this whole story and develops the plot and storyline all throughout the reading. When looking at the feelings and emotions of the characters, it is very obvious what is going

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