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The short story “Gentleman’s Agreement” by Mark Richard consists of a bond between a young boy and his father. So could day dreaming be a bad thing? It is when a dream turns into a nightmare. In the story the young boy dreams the rocks as artillery and gun fire; he throws a rock that crashes into his family’s car windshield that turns the dream upside down. When reality is faced, punishment has to made in his father’s eyes. We as people growing up in society have to learn rights and wrongs. In the end, a respectful bond was made between the two. The use of emotional irony in the short story by Mark Richard breaks down the boundaries of fear, love, and worry. The feelings of the characters throughout the story was many; however, there was a very prominent emotion that was used by everyone at some point in the short story. Fear is the emotion used and overly stressed in the text. From the young boy to his no-non-sense father everyone had fear…show more content…
The young boy showed worry in the fact of his father always being gone to work extreme fires. The boy expresses that the fire could likely get out of hand and the situations could turn to the worst, thus giving the impression his father may not come home someday. The worry mainly continues from the boy that his father may still nail his hand to the shed for throwing rocks. He couldn’t determine if his father was serious about the fact of doing so. In the center of things, the boy happens to throw another rock that splits his head open. The situation took him to the doctor who gave him the somewhat needed medical attention. During his time there the young boy saw his father badly burned by the fire that had killed many. This brought a whole new meaning to the thought of worry to the young boy. The worry of his father’s health and thoughts of punishment ran through the young boy’s mind at the moment of the

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