Theme Of Conflict Between People In The Crucible

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Friend turn on friend, and neighbor turn on neighbor no one is safe in the small town of Salem. In Arthur Miles novel The Crucible a great deal of people are being accused of witchcraft. In Salem if you didn’t like someone you can just accuse him or her of witchcraft and they will die. The characters the in the story that have conflicts with each other are Jon Proctor, Elizabeth, Abigail Williams, and Mr. Putnam, and Mrs. Putnam. Miller shows in the novel that unresolved conflicts between people can have tragic results. John Proctor and Elizabeth his wife both think they are perfect, they both have unresolved between each other that will end up hurting each other at the end of the story. John while he is married to Elizabeth had an affaire with Abigail, the leader of the group of girls who are supposable witches. Abigail wants John all to her so the lies she tells about…show more content…
and Mrs. Putnam hates everyone in the town of Salem and would do anything in their power to make people hurt. Mr. Putnam is a very greedy man and the only thing he cares about in life is the amount of land he owns. He blames countless people for witchcraft just to gain more land. He says in the story “my daughter gave me the gift of land” (Miller). This is saying that she is basically faking everything and saying people are witches just to gain more land. Toward the end of the story he starts to feel bad for all the people he kills. His wife Mrs. Putnam doesn’t life Rebecca Nurse because she thinks that her spirit killed 7 of her children. She accuses her of witchcraft because of the death of her children. Mrs. Putnam claims, “she saw her spirit killing her babies” (Miller). Everyone in the town is shocked when they heard it. At the end of the story she ends up getting hanged with john while reciting the lord prayer if they were truly witches they wouldn’t have been able to do that, and then the story ends. This proves the unresolved conflicts between other people can have tragic
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