Theme Of Blindness

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When a society goes blind, things begin to change. Things become harder to do with the lack of vision. People 's behaviors change when they are filled with darkness, when they can 't do anything for themselves, and when violence erupts. They start to forget who they are and lose their humanity. They are no longer human, but animals. In "Blindness," Jose Saramago demonstrates how his characters that lack vision act like animals by being brutal, disheveled, and absurd. Instead of coming together and help each other, his characters are hostile and vile towards each other. Everything changes when there are leaders in the mental institution where all the blind people are held. They all start to act like animals by being
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The food is kept away from the other blind people by the new leaders who aren 't willing to share which creates chaos. They are angry and abusive, waiting for anyone to touch the food and strike them. None of the other blind inmates were allowed to eat…show more content…
The women experienced sexual abuse by the new male leaders who wanted to satisfy their needs: “He drew the two women towards him, and almost drooled as he said, I’ll keep these two, when I’ve finished with them, I’ll pass them on to the rest of you. He dragged them to the end of the ward, where the containers of food, packets, tins had been piled up, enough supplies to feed a regiment. The women, all of them, were already screaming their heads off, blows, slaps, orders, could be heard, Shut up, you whores, these bitches are all the same, they always have to start yelling, Give it to her good and hard and she’ll be quiet, just wait until it’s my turn and you’ll see how they’ll be asking for more, Hurry up there, I can’t wait another minute” (179). For one thing, the women were treated with cruelty and treated as if they were animals, but the animals were the new male leaders. The men were animals who could not keep their trousers on, for example, “The blind woman suffering from insomnia wailed in desperation beneath an enormous fellow, the other four were surrounded by men with their trousers down who were jostling each other like hyenas around a carcass” (179). They took advantage of the women without giving them any respect. For this reason, the girl with the dark glasses experienced horrifying abuse: “The doctor’s wife found herself beside the bed where she had been taken, she was standing, he
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