The Youth Of Today 's Society

In today’s society, heroes are needed more than ever. With evil, hate, and judgment dominating the world, the youth of today need role models to look up to. Of course, having artificial superheroes as inspirations cannot be the key to success. Rather, in order to triumph one must understand that the adolescent can be no longer be seen as a child, but one who has not reached full adulthood. Therefore, it is vital that one comprehends the physical and psychological development that teens survive through the years. To emphasize, it is vital that adolescents interpret emotions, culture, and morals from credible sources. Classic literature, for example, has exceptional choices for the expansion of the youth’s mind.
Characters, themes, symbols, and so on, are some of the few influences that can help students identify the rights and wrongs in the world of today. For instance, protagonists who carry important issues and resolutions can demonstrate and strengthen others to relate. By implementing classic literature in the secondary educational system, the youth could potentially acquire good examples of what it means to fit into societal standards.
As the years for an adolescent progress, it is no doubt that the question of his or her surroundings, morals, or ideas will begin to spiral. For example, in Lewis’ Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, the novel represents an ideal Victorian youth. But with clash of culture and changing time, basic beliefs and ethics begin to shift. In modern society, there is an extreme similarity with Alice. For instance, in the first element of the story, Alice falling down the rabbit hole, the audience observes the scene where the change from child to teen occurs. To explain, this is where Alice begins her adven...

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...assic novel, students will have the ability to efficiently analyze the racism and inequalities of the time, and confidently strive to avoid any prejudice within the system.
Influences that have left a mark on world of composition can help students identify the ideas of living life with values and morals. Implementing these powerful classic novels in the secondary educational system could help the undeveloped young adult acquire good examples of what it means to fit into societal standards. Therefore, it is important that educators identify compositions that are heavy in analyzing. Books that were explained fit the spectrum perfectly. Nothing can add more knowledge intellect than reading books. With active knowledge, readers can change their lives by experience the lives of others. Readings will open the mind, without it, what kind of knowledge would be known today.

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