The Worst Night of My Life

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It was late at night my mom was drunk, I kept thinking why are we in the car driving around? I keep debating with myself that it’s a little weird because mom never takes me out this late. Never mind that I’m excited I’m turning eight tomorrow and mommy said I’m a big girl now! After driving for a while sadly we finally stopped, it was her awful “friend” Daniels house. We walked up to the door and rang the bell, my heart stopped when they opened the door “hello April, we missed you so much”, it was his sons Adam and Eric. I can’t open my eyes, move my legs or whisper even one word, this wasn’t happening to me not now my birthday is in two hours. I could feel my knees buckle I was so scared, afraid I may upset them again I went to the closet where they usually lock me up. It wasn’t too long ago I was here, they were so mad I can still feel Adam picking me up by my hair throwing me against the wall. Or Eric forcing me to eat moldy food, drink beer, smoke cigarettes, and watch disgusting movies. I looked at my mom and begged her to take me home. She had more important things to do with ...
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