The Woods

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Jack was steaming mad. He had just had yet another fight with his mom about wasting food and was heading to the old tree house in the woods. They were always fighting about wasting food. He saw where she was coming from. They were pretty tight on cash, but if she was so intent on not wasting food why didn't she eat it. He was sitting at the foot of the abandoned tree house, drawing a dragon in the sand, when he suddenly felt the overwhelming need to go deeper into the woods. He knew he shouldn’t go. There were dangerous animals like wolves and bears in the woods, but he had to. Some hidden force was calling to him. He had to go regardless of the dangers. The force was too strong. Resistance was futile. He got up and went. He went deeper and deeper into the woods. Crossing over bridges and going through thick bundles of trees and bushes. He kept going until he came upon an old house. The house looked abandoned, but it couldn't have been. There was smoke coming out of the chimney. It was almost nighttime and he was very thirsty. Maybe the person inside would be nice enough to give him some water and let him stay the night, but then again maybe they would be a psychotic serial killer on the run from the cops. He went up to the door and knocked anyway. The door creaked open to reveal an old man sitting in a rocking chair by a fireplace. Above the fire was a black cauldron. He didn't seem to notice that Jack had entered. The old man just sat there rocking back and forth. Jack cleared his throat to sort of announce his presence. The old man turned around and told Jack to come in and sit down. He went over and sat in a chair also near the fire. They both sat in silence for a while. Then the old man took a bright blue stone out of the cauldron. He took a piece of cloth out of his pocket and wrapped it around the stone. He told Jack to take it, that it would keep him safe on his quest as he gave it to him. Jack asked him what quest he was talking about and that he wasn't on a quest. The old man told him he was and to go, there was much to be done before the morning. Jack figured that he was no longer welcome in the house and left. He was going to go home but couldn't remember which way he came from. He looked around for a little then decided he would go towards the setting sun. He walked for a very long time thinking he might be going the wrong way because he d... ... middle of paper ... ...m until he reached the top just incase it happened again. He said he would be very grateful if they did. He climbed the rest of the way to the top without incident. He thanked the fairies and they went back down leaving him to find his way back alone. He found his way to the tree house after many hours of being lost in the woods. He figured it was about noon and decided to go back to his house after he left the dagger at the tree house but brought the water with him. He went back to his home and his mother was so happy to see him. He asked her where his dad was and she told him sadly that he was sick in bed and that he had been very sick for the past two days. Jack went in, his mother followed him and stood in the doorway. He gave his dad the special water and told him he should be better soon. His dad asked him what it was and he told him not to worry about that and to just get better. His mom then asked him where he got it and he said she wouldn’t believe him if he told her. Jack was home and his mother treated him better than she did before he left. His dad had gotten better and so had his life. Jack was now thankful for what he had rather that sorry for what he didn't have.

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