The Weapons and Technology of World War One

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The Weapons and Technology of World War One World War One brought about many new weapons and advancements in technology on both sides. Both took huge steps towards modern technology and these carried on even after the war had begun. Yet these weapons could not be of much advantage to one side for very long, because the other side immediately researched every new weapon introduced when it was found out. So whilst one side would be developing something new the other would be playing catch up or possibly coming in from another angle. These advancements were made on all sides of the war; the air, the ground, and the sea, although I shall mainly be looking at the changes on the ground. Apart from the new weapons, the new defence mechanisms that were introduced shall be looked at as well: The most profound being the Gas Mask, which was developed soon after the introduction of the gas itself in 1915. But also other less well-known defence equipment such as the Steel helmet will be looked at also. The weapons brought about during the time of World War One have completely changed war and fighting forever, but then the defence brought in as well has blocked some of the advancements from being used more readily today. The War changed technology drastically but the technology changed people´s lives even more. The Tank By far the most important invention introduced during the Great War was the tank. Primitive tanks were introduced for the sole aim of having protected artillery that could break through the defence line but as the war progressed the Tank advanced, with larger guns and more armour. The brains behind it were the... ... middle of paper ... ... 4,340 yard high trajectory - and everyone listened in to the telephone report of our battery commander, who had his observation post 1,625 yards from the bombarded fort, and could watch at close range the column of smoke, earth and fire that climbed to the heavens. the Big Bertha Howitzer World War One has been classed as one of the most memorable events to ever take place in History. Not only did it cause the most deaths ever recorded at the time, but it also went down in history for the vast amount of weapons and ideas that were invented during it. Some of these have been modernized for use in the 21st Century but the majority were just mindless killing machines. World War One changed history and if it had never taken place then it would be a wonder to know what kind of world we would be living in.

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