The War Of The United States

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In 1846 thousands of immigrants joined the United States army and were sent to General Zachary’s Army to invade Mexico. They wanted to invade Mexico because they wanted to take control of the ports in San Francisco and San Diego. They also wanted the rich mineral resources of the Nevada territory. The United States had offered Mexico $5 million to purchase the Nevada area and $25 million for the California territory. Mexico refused both offers forcing the United States to invade their territory. Those who were immigrating to the U.S. we’re doing so because of the horrible conditions in Ireland. The majority of them were from Ireland, but there were also Canadians, French, Italians, Swiss and Spaniards. They joined the army hoping to earn U.S. citizenship later finding out they weren’t receiving anything. The United States at the time was intolerant towards both Irish and Catholics. Irish men were seen as ignorant and lazy while Catholics were seen as fools who were easily distracted. Uncertain about why they were fighting and fed up with the mistreatment they left the U.S. Army. Their chance of promotion was little to none. They were given the dirtiest jobs and there was no opportunity for them to attend Catholic service. At that time the Mexican Army was offering land and money to anyone who joined their army. Shortly after leaving the U.S. army they joined forces with the Mexican Army. They called themselves the St. Patrick’s Battalion meaning the San Patricio’s in Spanish and created a banner for their group. The banner had the Mexican coat of arms with the words “Libertad por La Republica Mexicana”. On the backside of the banner, there was a picture of St. Patrick. The Saints Patrick Battalion led by John Riley was a unit of... ... middle of paper ... ...hree San Patricio’s captured fifty of them were sentenced to be hanged and sixteen were branded with the letter “D” on their cheek. The letter “D” stands for deserter. Till this very same day that was considered as the “largest hanging affair of in North America”. Those who remained in Mexico were rewarded by the Mexican government with pensions. To this day many people in the U.S. including historians regard these men as traitors. Some even think they were let go easy. On the other hand, people in Mexico view them as heroic heroes honoring them every 12th of September with a special commemoration. They are also honored for their bravery in Clifden, Galway, Riley’s hometown. Some historians view the San Patricio’s as young men who drank and weren’t aware of their choices. In 1999, a movie named “One Man’s Hero” was released and was about the St. Patrick’s Battalion.

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